Endless wAir Fashion Winter Collection

Fashion labels bring you a winter collection

We offer you something for eternity! The past century's icons have a common thread between them: the leather jacket. From Steve McQuenn cool kid racer to Michael Jackson. It's an iconic style item worth making room in your closet for. You get practicality with 3 roomy pockets and elegance with touch of masculinity added by Shoulder details. Mixing rock 'n' roll attitude with soft leather and the Statement is made! Our trim fit delivers a new modern interpretation of the classic biker style, and give off the expected badass vibe. Unleash your inner James Dean. That's the look you'll wear forever!

Endless wAir at Juste Debout 2012 Ben & Salas

Juste Debout Steez Hip-Hop Rockstars 2012 Ben & Salas

Juste Debout Steez 2012, one of the most important events in the world, attracted 18,000 spectators and more than 350 dancers to France! Street dancers from all over the world gathered in Paris Bercy to share a common passion. Two from each category will be, the most popular dancers in the world and everyone wants it. But who wants it more? Salas and Ben from LegionX.

Ben Wichert started the biggest Funkstyle Event with a "flow"ace in the hole and Endless wAir on the head. One surprise after another, one goose bumps followed the next. They convinced the jury until the finals, won the first place and became rockstars for that night!

We are very pround that this guy is supporting Endless wAir.

Endless wAir fashion show on Ocean Diva

Catwalk on water

The first Endless wAir fashion show took place on the yacht "Ocean Diva". On the shore of the fashion city Düsseldorf and in the middle oft the high society, Endless wAir presented the new collection with Voguein 'dancers like Sjusanna Stecklein, Justina Raczek and Dina Shikorina. But of course, Endless wAir is not only fashion. And we wanted to show this. The live musicians SIMIRI Trio with Micha Tangian, Simon Tressin ans Richard Eisenach graduates of the Robert Schumann University, and AirDit presented the show DARWIN. During AirDit's soloshow, the party boat briefly turned into a dream boat. When the dancers NizzyOne, Lil' Amok, Lil' G and Twoface brought the ship to tremble, now it was clear! Endless wAir stands for passion (over) fashion.


Birthdate of Endless wAir

Birthdate Of Endless wAir