Betram Müller

Bertram Müller

Bertram Müller is the founder and director of the Tanzhaus NRW. 
The Tanzhaus NRW is an international istitution for all forms of dance,which is dedicated to promoting and teaching the diversity of cultures, especially dancing. Within an area of 4,000 square meters, the Tanzhaus NRW presents over 200 stage performances each year during festivals, guest performances, thematic series and co-productions that shows the international range of dancing.

At the same time Tanzhaus NRW is a recognized training center with an average of 300 weekly classes and workshops in eight studios. The Tanzhaus NRW is a pioneer in teaching and promotion of hip hop in Germany.necessary Bertram Müller is committed like no other to the artists.

He supports "Endless wAir", a clothing line for dancers, and accompanied the project from the idea up to financing.

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Rauf Yasit

Rauf Yasit

Rauf Yasit aka RubberLegz is a pioneer of flexible and experimental dance and combines body control and creativity in a new art bodymovement.

After 14 years as an acrobat, RubberLegz still stands out for his originality and is considered a trendsetter in the Bboy scene. Besides his career as a dancer, RubberLegz is also a visual artist and professional screen designer in Zürich.

RubberLegz supports and stands behind the project: "Endless wAir" as the main graphic designer, video director, image maker and does enormous work in the conceptual design and the visual realization.

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Robin Preston

Robin Preston

Robin Preston is one of the most well known international photographers and illustrators of our time, and is  considered a pioneer in digital photography. Robin is Nikon Ambassodor, Alpha tester for Adobe Photoshop, Senior Evangelist for Wacom, senior influencer for Nik Software and lecturer at the University of Applied Arts in Munich and Dortmund.

In addition to commercial photography for car companies such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes, BMW and companies from other sectors, Robin Preston is specialized in areas of beauty and portraits. Especially his art project Laboratorium photographing subcultures and lifestyles are in his focus of interest.

Robin Preston supports and is involved to Endless wAir as the main photographer and image maker of the clothing line.

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Adnan Dushaku

Adnan Dushaku

Adnan Dushaku aka Lil' Amok, despite his young age is, one of the most popular power movers in the world and also a stage dancer in modern dance theater productions.

His media presence demonstrates that he has achieved many supporters world-wide, at international events, he is always one oft he main pulling points. His acrobatic moves show not only how he masters and uses his energetic physical strength. Lil' Amok also connects creativity with force.

Lil' Amok is the face of the Clothing Line "Endless wAir" and represents the fashion line at worldwide events. Beside this, he also is responsible for internet public relations for the company Endless wAir.

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